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Make MORE money in the North East

From York to Durham and Leeds to Newcastle, there’s many people who want to make more money. Are you one of them? Check out our five fantastic ideas for getting extra cash when you need it most.

The North East has an abundance of opportunities to make extra money and develop new skills as there are a huge number of events, innovative start-ups and projects on the horizon for the region, making it an exciting place to live and work.

Sunderland has one of the most impressive theatres in the whole of the North East as the Sunderland Empire hosts performances throughout the year, while Newcastle has a growing tech scene and Middlesborough is enjoying a business revival thanks to the recently launched ‘Middlesborough means Business’ campaign.

To help you make more money over the next few weeks and months, we’ve compiled some great advice and links to follow to opportunities in the North East.


Become part of the Newcastle Tech Scene

north east start up

Due to the fact that London has such high office space rental costs, and they are getting higher, a lot of businesses are deciding to base themselves in the Northern cities of Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle as the cost of space is so much less.

This is helping to grow the existing tech communities and improve employment, something which you can capitalise on if you live in the North East.

The top tech start-ups in the region can be found by following this link.

Start-ups are always on the look out for great people and would be happy to offer internships and work experience if you are just starting out.

Don’t be afraid to send an email or call the main office of a start-up as they are often reluctant to pay recruiters to find staff as it costs a lot of money!


Bring home some extra bacon with Greggs 

If you don’t want to work with computers all day long, what about pastry?!

Newcastle is the Greggs capital of England, currently stuffed with 31 outlets. Leeds isn’t far behind, boasting 28 of these traditional bakeries.  

To put that into context for you, that’s over three times the national average! 

So if you live anywhere near either of these cities, there’s probably a Greggs no more than 10 minutes away. Perfect for a part-time job, wouldn’t you say? 

One of the Greggs in Newcastle earned a huge amount of attention recently, with its fantastic marketing ploy for the Christmas season, which you can read more about here!

Take a look at all of the opportunities on offer at Greggs by following this link.


Music festivals 

make money at festivals

The North East has its fair share of music festivals that you could get involved in. Check out:  

The great thing about working at music festivals is that there are often opportunities to get into the events free! They are usually held over bank holiday weekends or in the summer months, so it’s often easier to fit them in around other commitments. 

 All of the festivals listed above are the biggest in the North East and areas close by (Leeds is only a short train ride away), however, during the festive period and the summer, a huge number of events are thrown over weekends and during evenings which allows you to have the opportunity to gain added income if needed.

Christmas markets 

set up christmas market

It’s that time of year when Christmas markets all over the country are unfurling into life. Do you have an artsy side, or can make fabulous fudge in fifty flavours? Maybe you could consider getting a stall or a part-time job at one of the many Christmas markets of the North East. 

The biggest ones are in Newcastle, Leeds, Durham and York, and you will not believe how picturesque they can be. 

Some ideas for stalls could include: 

  • Christmas cards and wrapping paper 
  • Homemade fudge, chocolates or sweets 
  • Hand-crafted soap and other cosmetics 
  • Scented candles and wooden flowers 
  • Pottery and ceramics 
  • Artisan coffee and luxury hot chocolate 
  • Hand-knitted scarves, hats and mittens 

We’re sure you have your own ideas too, so let the creativity flow! 

Newcastle Christmas Markets 

Leeds Christmas Markets 

Durham Christmas Markets

York Christmas Markets (Only an hour from Newcastle on the train)


Grab a temporary Christmas job 

christmas jobs

The seasonal rush means that almost everywhere will be looking to hire extra helpers, whether these are Santa’s elves, retail assistants or hotel caterers. 

Plenty of jobs will be available for people with a little more time over the festive season, which is great if you’re a student or have a generous holiday allowance. 

Pay is also often higher over Christmas, especially on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.  

Alternatively, you could consider becoming a Christmas driver. Potential employers include:  

Demand is incredibly high as everybody wants their Christmas presents to arrive on time, nobody wants to leave the house for shopping, and everybody prefers toasty warm cars to walking. 


Have a look at handyman ads 

northeast handyman

Especially now that the cold weather is looming and the elderly find themselves ever more confined to their houses, requests for odd jobs become more frequent. 

There are also specialist sites for such conversations, but Facebook and Gumtree are probably the ones most commonly used.

Gumtree opportunities which are available right now can be found by clicking here.

Just as there are Facebook group pages covering Harry Potter memes, tea, and Zumba fails, so are there often neighbourhood-specific chats. Just enter something like ‘Wakefield community group’ or ‘Darlington odd jobs’ and you’ll be sure to find enquiries over whether anyone local can nip round to do some weeding or clear snow from the driveway.  

Although this is unlikely to make you rich, it’s a nice way to make some pocket money and meet the neighbours while you’re at it.  

While you’re at it, you can follow us on Facebook as well for handy money-making and money-saving advice.  


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